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SEO is an ongoing process that people invest so much in. When you are looking to get the maximum of your SEO efforts, the need for social bookmarking is evident. The use of this type of linking can help you with getting more authority plus credibility. It is not very easy to find the sites that can help you with this, so we have some tips to help you out.


7 Popular Small Business Social Media Promotion Sites in 2022



We all know LinkedIn is one of the top social media sites oriented toward business and job seeking. At the same time, it is one of the best social media sites that help you grow your page. That is why it has several reasons to be taken as a bookmarking website. Some of the top ways that can help you on this site are:

  • You can add your website’s URL to your profile. It helps you give the address of your website that allows you to boost its traffic.
  • Using the same strategy in your posts can help you with your needs. This backlinking can help you boost your authority and traffic to your website. So, it is an easy way to get the results you need.
  • The use of this website can help you with getting more connections. The experts believe that getting to know people is one of the ways that you can use for backlinking. So, join the groups you like and start engaging in conversations.

Linkedin is undoubtedly one of the best social bookmarking websites you can get.




You can use this social bookmarking website for help with images and videos. The help of this platform can bring new visitors to your website. That is why it is one of the most popular sites that can also help you have bookmarked images and videos.


This facility helps people have more results as it allows more attention. So, you can use this website for your help and get more traffic with a link they allow for your website.



Instagram is another social media that allows you to add a link in the bio. Although it does not allow you any help for better authority, you can use it for better traffic. With this help, you can have more results for your websites.


One big thing that we should mention is that this social media website does not allow too many external links. So, you should get the best results with a link in the bio. It is the best way to help you with all types of traffic needs.


You can Buy Instagram Likes for your help in building your profile. These likes can help you have better links with your prospects. And it would solve your problems with more reactions and engagement.




You can use Twitter to bookmark your content. It helps you get more traffic to your website. So, you can try using it for your needs. It is very simple to use for anyone in need of backlinks. You can post your content with a link on it, and you will start getting results.


You can add links to every type of content you tweet on Twitter. So, no big deal, start your work now to get more backlinks to boost your website traffic.



You can post the link to your website on this platform. It allows you to get more results in a short time. When you put your content on this platform, it can be easy for you to get backlinks.


It is one of the sites that help you with backlinks for all kinds of content. So, you can post a video, an image, or a photo with a link to get traffic to your website.



The use of Quora can help you have the best results in backlinking. You can use it for multiple types of uses. For instance, you can use it for traffic. One of the biggest benefits of this website is that it helps people have traffic for their websites.


When you put your links on this forum, you already have the basics. People know the answers to the questions they ask, and when they get the answer, they can go to your website. This kind of link is stronger, allowing you to get results as you are not doing spam. All the traffic that comes to your website is high-quality. Moreover, it is willing to know about your product as it seeks the answer to their needs.


The experts believe that the use of this platform can help you build authority, expertise, and trust. When you keep posting, there are chances of people coming to your website due to the info you give. So, it would help you develop a strong brand.




This site can help you make your blog that allows traffic to your main website. If you want to get results with this website, you should make your blog. There are different types of content that you can add here.


You can use it for visual content and text content. So, it won’t be difficult to gain help with this website. Many experts call it a platform for web 2.0 that helps you gain visitors for the main website you have. So, it would always help you have a website with this one.


Final thoughts

We talked about some of the best social bookmarking sites with a lot of help. At the same time, we tried to figure out the best solutions to your problems. So, you can use these for better backlinking and traffic that allows you to gain better results in SEO.


The use of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Quora can help you with traffic. Quora is one of the best solutions that SEOs use extensively for their help. So, if you are looking to get more traffic, try the mentioned sites and be a better SEO. These websites help you with better sales and some boost in domain authority.




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