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The Online Games Craze in Japan

In this article, we will take a look at the online game craze in Japan and what this trend means for the future of gaming both in the nation and acros - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

It’s no secret that Japanese people love gaming and, for that matter, anything technology-based. Whilst we would not go as far as saying that all Japanese people love gaming, the numbers show that the Asian nation continues to have one of the globe’s biggest gaming markets.


Nowhere is this more true than in the case of online gaming, with this rather young industry finding just as much traction in Japan as anywhere else on the planet. It’s not for no reason that stadiums and arenas are regularly filled with fanatics paying money to watch their favourite eSports superstars go head to head with one another! Not only that, games like Rainbow 6: Siege are also becoming immensely popular. If you aim to become a pro at it, you can look for the best R6 hacks!


The Online Games Craze in Japan


In this article, we will take a look at the online game craze in Japan and what this trend means for the future of gaming both in the nation and across the globe.


The rise of mobile gaming

Whilst the most popular online gaming in Japan continues to be carried out on traditional consoles including Playstation, Xbox, and PC, it should be noted that online mobile gaming is rapidly gaining traction in the nation.



With titles such as Pokemon Go, Subway Surfers and PUBG Mobile continuing to do well in the Japanese online mobile gaming market, it is clear to those in the know that mobile gaming is the future in Japan and, for that matter, across the globe.


One industry reaping the benefits of the rise of mobile gaming is the online casino business, with sites such as Conquer Casino Japan seeing plenty of action via mobile and desktop alike. It seems as though the Japanese enjoy a few hands of poker or spins of the roulette wheel as much as they do a traditional games console!


A fascination with online games

Japan’s love of online games comes as a result of a wider national obsession with everything technology. From robots to cameras to the latest games console, it’s no secret that the Japanese love tech!



As a result, it is only natural that this technology mad nation is also now in love with online gaming, one of the world’s most current technological trends. From Fortnite to Fifa and everything in between, the Japanese are some of the biggest online gamers on the planet and their players regularly place well in the big tournaments all over the world.


The most popular games in Japan

Right now, the most popular game in Japan is, by some distance, Overwatch. A multiplayer, first-person shooter, this title blends western style gaming with Japanese anime-inspired graphics. The end result is incredibly unique and its success in Japan has given the game cult status.


Outside of this, the Japanese continue to play online games in much the same way as the rest of the world. Games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite remain incredibly popular whilst soccer and baseball titles also do very well.



Overall, the online games craze in Japan has truly become a phenomenon that few could have predicted. With mobile games now gaining traction, consoles will be keener than ever to produce ever more thrilling online offerings for their millions of devoted fans across the nation and, indeed, the globe!


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