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Every year, over 2400 Major League Baseball games are played. The National Football League stages 256 matches in 17 weeks, while the National Hockey League and National Basketball Association host 1230 games annually. Add that to Nascar, MMA, tennis, and countless college games, and it's almost impossible to stay on top of it all.


As a sports fan, it can be frustrating to juggle things like your family, job, and social obligation while trying to stay updated on the latest developments in your favorite game. The good news is that the internet is packed with sports-centric apps that you can download. However, most of the apps on the market do very little to stand out from the rest.


Here are the top six sports apps that offer unique benefits and features not available in many sports apps:


  1. ESPN
  2. ESPN is a major brand, synonymous with sports. It's no surprise that this incredibly famous sports channel is running an official sports app under the same name. The app gives you all standard features like interviews, news, and updated scores. However, what separates it from other apps like it is that you get access to all ESPN's productions, including shows, podcasts, games, and radio stations.

  3. TheScore
  4. TheScore is one of the best sports apps for punters. It gives not only score updates but also stats and news coverage of almost every professional sports league in the world, even less popular ones such as Lacrosse.

    When selecting to place bets on Betway88, The Score will allow you to create a personalized feed of your favorite players and teams. That ensures you'll only see the content you care about and alert you of buzzer-beating shots, key plays, and miraculous comebacks.

  1. Team Stream
  2. The official mobile application for the famous sports news site – The Beacher Report, Team Stream features loads of content. The app offers news, stats, standings and schedules, scores, interview streams, and real-time updates. Additionally, you can sync the app with your fantasy league to get stats and info about your players.

  3. Thuuz Sports
  4. As earlier mentioned, there are tons of sports events worldwide all year long. That means you'll need to decide the games to watch, given the number of hours at your disposal in a day. Fortunately, Thuuz Sports analyzes upcoming and live games, ranking them on a scale of 100.

    This app uses social signals and algorithms, predicting the overall excitement level in an upcoming or live game. As such, the app helps you to avoid boring games and make sure you'll never miss your favorite game or tournament.

  1. Yahoo Fantasy Sports
  2. Yahoo Fantasy sports is your go-to sports app for baseball, hockey, basketball, and football. Even better, the app allows the users to manage their fantasy football teams in a single app, giving you everything from the ability to trade and draft new players. Additionally, the app offers weekly and daily leagues that give users the chance to walk away with cash.

  3. Fancred
  4. Unfortunately, most people's Facebook news few is dominated by clickbait news and cat videos. That makes it hard to engage people and get their opinion on an upcoming MMA event from the comfort of your home. Fortunately, Fancred can cut through all the crap and focus on sports, allowing the users to connect and share their enthusiasm for sports, vent their frustrations, post photos, and celebrate wins.



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