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Why is vaping, in general, better than smoking? The smoke produced by regular cigarettes has combustion products in it, and this is undoubtedly harmful. On the contrary, the absence of such in electronic cigarettes is what makes the vapor produced absolutely harmless to the lungs.


Smoke from ordinary cigarettes in the form of water droplets settles on the walls of the lungs and impairs their function, causing less oxygen to enter the bloodstream. This, in turn, leads to oxygen deprivation called a state of hypoxia.


The technology of vape pens: Why is it better than smoking?


Constant lack of oxygen is dangerous for slowing down metabolic processes, cell division, and aging in general. As a result, fat molecules, when boiled, can break down into carcinogenic substances. In addition, they are quite difficult to remove from the lungs as they accumulate in the lung tissue and disrupt oxygen transport. The consequences of heavy metals, which are also contained in cigarettes, entering the lungs are well known. These are cell death and carcinogenic effects.


On the other hand, vaping is healthier in a lot of formats. Shifting to vaping has several advantages, including improved health. Vape pens, sometimes called vaporizer pens, are increasingly and widely used. Vape pens are battery-powered and include three parts: a mouthpiece, an atomizer for warming, and a battery pack. Choosing a vape pen has a number of benefits. Vape pens were originally designed to resemble cigarettes, but they have now grown into a unique personal item. A tiny battery is frequently placed onto storage or an inhaler that has a heating system to power vaporizer pens. The vaporizer pen is filled with nicotine-containing fluids, and the battery activates the coil, resulting in vapor. You may use the vape pen to vaporize dried herbs or strong oils, and it’s an excellent way to stop smoking.



Another advantage of using a vape pen is that no ashes are produced. American scientists have revealed the clear benefits of vaping. Such an obvious benefit of vaping has been demonstrated by American scientists. This, in turn, has influenced an increase in the number of people using the best e-cigarettes and vaping devices. This means that such devices are becoming the domain of public science, which requires closer scrutiny by the relevant agencies.


The third benefit of a vape pen is that there is no fire or flame. Electronic devices are completely free of combustion products, soot, and tar. These substances are usually deposited on the mucous membranes of the lungs, and upper respiratory tract, which causes the violation of their functions and eventually leads to the development of several diseases in these organs. Because of the products of combustion smokers of conventional cigarettes turn yellow teeth, which worsens the sense of smell and taste. Those who prefer the best e-cigs can avoid these troubles. Another advantage of electronic cigarettes can be considered the lack of exposure to hot, burning smoke on the respiratory organs. Combined with nicotine, high temperatures increase the risk of carcinogenic processes.



The fourth undoubted advantage of a vape pen is the absence of bad breath. The liquids used for the best electronic cigarette differ not only in taste, price and brand but also in nicotine content. You should pay attention to this property before buying, especially if you have recently switched from regular cigarettes to vapor. Liquids that are not strong enough will not cover your body’s nicotine needs. The risk of returning to tobacco smoking in such a case increases many times over. All e-cigarette liquids can be classified into two types: nicotine and nicotine-free. They differ from each other in composition, taste, and price.



If we talk about the composition of vape pens, their cartridges are filled with the same nicotine, but unlike conventional cigarettes, the best e-cigarette contains flavorings. These are chemical compounds, which, among other things, cannot become a cause of ill health. There are also cartridges with minimal nicotine concentrations. This way, people get a much lower dose of nicotine than if they smoked regular cigarettes. When heated in an e-cigarette, propylene glycol and glycerin evaporate. They have a boiling point of 187 and 290 degrees, respectively. When heated in very small quantities, their transformation products such as formaldehyde and other aldehydes are formed. These substances are carcinogenic, but their concentration in e-cigarette vapor is several times less than the maximum allowable concentrations in indoor air. Therefore, it is incorrect to talk about an increase in the risk of cancer due to inhaling these compounds in the form of vapor - there is no reason for this. It is worth adding that studies on the safety of inhaling propylene glycol and glycerin vapors were conducted on a time interval of a maximum of several years.



The fifth advantage of vape pens is the absence of health problems. The damaging effect on the lungs is the product of combustion. Nicotine is only a drug, on which psychological and physical dependence develops. When combustion products get into the lungs, they lead to inflammation and death of the lung epithelium. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of infection, bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. This is the effect of conventional cigarettes on the lungs, unlike the best e-cig, which does no such harm. Vapers know the true composition of the vaporizer liquid. According to recent studies, the liquid contains only the declared substances. All manufacturers indicate that the liquid contains or does not contain nicotine. Sample tests of e-liquid have shown that the concentration of nicotine in the liquid is as stated on the label.



Vape pen technology is well researched and there are already many reviews on the health effects of e-cigarettes. Many associations have begun to make confident statements about this type of smoking. In laboratory tests, detectable levels of toxic carcinogenic chemicals, including a component used in antifreeze, and flavors in vaping liquids have been approved both as food additives and for vaping and inhalation. Therefore, the use of vape pens does not cause changes in the lungs, unlike conventional cigarettes.


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