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How to write an MBA diploma thesis

You cannot underestimate the importance of an MBA thesis. It is the final and important stage of testing the graduate's knowledge. - Published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

An MBA education is essential to a successful career in a modern company. That is why people with extensive practical experience and who hold middle and senior management positions in companies deliberately study for MBA programs.


As a rule, the main work takes a lot of time and effort, and there is simply no time left for writing a diploma.


How to write an MBA diploma thesis


How to write an MBA thesis?

You cannot underestimate the importance of an MBA thesis. It is the final and important stage of testing the graduate's knowledge throughout the entire study period. The thesis includes the student's research and the ability to apply it in practice. The MBA thesis should be of a research nature, which allows it to have the status of a benchmark in the assignment of qualifications.


The content and design of the MBA thesis judge how well the student is studying under the MBA program and how prepared he is for the practical application of knowledge in this specialty. That is why the thesis is very important in mastering the future profession.


For a well-designed work that reflects the high level of a specialist, it is necessary to follow the basic rules. It can be easier to outsource some parts of your research to professionals you can find on the essay writing website if that relies on your values.



Basic rules for MBA thesis

The MBA thesis should fully demonstrate the skills of searching and studying all literature sources, legislative acts, and regulations, systematizing the information received, evaluating it, and competently presenting the research material.


When choosing the topic of the thesis, it is necessary to make sure that the necessary amount of information sources are available. It is recommended to choose a problem that is relevant today and is directly related to the studied disciplines, both in scientific and practical applications. You should outline the main objectives of the diploma below.


The first and main goal of the MBA diploma work is to demonstrate independent skills in collecting, processing, researching, summarizing, and presenting all scientific material. When working on a diploma, you should independently achieve your tasks and goals while showing unique ways to achieve the desired result.



Duties of the diploma work

There is a list of responsibilities of the MBA thesis. They should be taken into account when developing and planning the work. The diploma should be relevant and have a restrained writing style, experimental or practical. The general content should systematize all the information provided, and the story should be chronologically consistent and obey the simplest laws of logic.


Providing any recommendations in the process of narration, the MBA thesis must be based on proven conclusions. Attention should be paid to grammar, correct spelling, and beautiful style of text construction.



Choosing the topic of the MBA thesis

As a rule, students can choose a topic to defend their diplomas. In this case, the student of the MBA program chooses a more suitable topic for the thesis, giving reasons and reasoned evidence that it needs to be disclosed.


Within a certain period, the student draws up a corresponding application, in which he/she indicates his/her request to assign the chosen topic for the thesis and the supervisor. Then, by order of the rector, the list of graduates is approved and stored in the dean's office for the next period.



Structure of the MBA thesis

What is the structure of an MBA thesis? To begin with, you should start to analyze the form of the thesis. Usually, it has a fairly standard structure and consists of a title page, outline, introduction, main body, conclusions, bibliography, and, if necessary, supplemented with various appendices.


The structure of an MBA thesis consists of the following main elements:


Title page

In the upper part of it, write the coordinates of the educational institution, starting with the name of the Ministry and up to the department with the discipline. In the middle of the cover sheet, the title of the thesis, its subject, the author's name, course, group number, and faculty are indicated. At the bottom of the sheet, indicate the city where the MBA student is studying and the year of writing this MBA thesis.



Before proceeding directly to writing the MBA thesis, it is necessary to make a plan. Briefly and concisely, in a logical and chronological sequence, the plan reflects the entire structure of the thesis research. The pages on which certain topics are located are indicated.


How to write an MBA diploma thesis


What is an MBA thesis?

In the introduction, the student briefly explains the choice of this particular topic, proving its relevance and significance for science and practical work in the specialty, gives a complete formulation of the problem, and briefly describes and offers his ways to solve it, which will then be more fully disclosed in the main part of the diploma.


Here it is necessary to list the main tasks and goals of the MBA thesis, which the student sets for himself, and briefly describe the object of study and the methods of its study. It is recommended to provide a small list of literature used in working with the diploma.


The main part

Most often consists of three sections, which contain the entire theoretical and practical part of this MBA research thesis. When writing the theory, the student demonstrates knowledge of a specific topic's historical and methodological aspects.


You should describe technical experiments, mathematical calculations, and marketing research in maximum detail. It is also worth emphasizing the possibility of real implementation of the proposed solution in production management.




In conclusion, each item must state the relevant conclusions of the study, its further possibilities, and ways to practical use. You should decide whether it reveals the previously set goals and objectives to draw appropriate conclusions on the entire completed MBA thesis.


To date, the presence of an MBA diploma is a strong argument for the successful career-building of specialists in the field of business management.


The MBA thesis features focus on the practical part of the work, conducting a comprehensive diagnosis and study of the object and subject of research, and defining the problem field. Particular attention is paid to the development and evaluation of alternative solutions to situations, as well as the justification of the proposed solutions and specific measures for developing and improving the subject of research.


The MBA thesis also requires an assessment of the economic efficiency of implementing these measures.



The writing of the MBA thesis is accompanied by the preparation of an abstract, report, and visual materials covering the content of the work and specific recommendations of the author, followed by their public defense.


One of the signs of the high quality of the MBA thesis is the use of mathematical methods, economic and statistical models, and specialized computer data processing applications, both in the analysis and justification of the proposed measures.


MBA (Master of Business Administration) thesis is a special scientific work. MBA theses are qualified graduation works with very narrow but high requirements. Independent writing of such work is a very difficult, thorough, and long process. As a rule, to get an MBA diploma, to tend to already working professionals, who, as always, sorely lack time to process and systematize all the data used in creating the thesis MBA.


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