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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging system that most people use these days for messaging and having audio, video calls with friends and families. But many times it happens that when the phone is locked and an audio/video call comes to WhatsApp, the phone does not ring!


Once you unlock the phone, that time you realize that several missed calls already came when the phone was locked. In this article, we will try to solve this problem. So, continue reading the complete post.

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WhatsApp is currently the most popular communication platform. Most people use it to chat, share files, and perform audio/video chats. According to the latest estimates of 2021, more than 200 million users actively use WhatsApp.


If you are one of the WhatsApp users, you might be looking into a solution to record WhatsApp video calls. Let's find out how to record WhatsApp video calls on Android and iPhone devices.

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The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is adding a new security feature for the web and desktop users. It will now let users confirm their identity using biometric information (Fingerprint, or Face ID) while linking a WhatsApp account on the PC or the web.


The new security feature is going to roll out in the coming weeks to safeguard your account and limit the chances of somebody using your account without your knowledge.

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The life of the current generation is useless without WhatsApp. The platform is constantly coming up with new features to maintain its popularity and stand on top of other platforms. Once again, WhatsApp has appeared with a new feature.


The new feature will allow you to open the same account on multiple devices at the same time, and making it easy to sync the chat history.

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Over the last couple of years, the most requested feature on WhatsApp was Dark Mode support. The company is currently working on this feature and enabled it for the beta testers. The Dark Mode is said to help conserve battery of phones and provide more soothing to eyes.


Here's our step-by-step guide to enable dark mode in latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android. You should be a beta tester.

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