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jQuery Team has released version 3.5, that includes some new features, security bug fixes and more. According to the team, the main change in this release is a security fix, and it's possible you will need to change your own code to adapt.


Here's everything that you like to know about the latest changes, and how to download the latest version of jQuery 3.5.

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If you have a website/blog, you may have some HTML headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 tags) to decorate the content headers and would like to create easy navigational anchor links, so that, people can easily copy the direct link specific to that heading.


Today, in this blog post, we will learn how easy it is to dynamically generate the links using CSS and jQuery. Continue reading to learn the step-by-step approach.

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There could be some possible business cases where we need to insert a HTML element inside a post. This should not be a static one but a dynamically injected at the middle of the article. So, what to do in such case? How can we insert it by writing some code?


Today in this blog post, we are going to see the same with the help of jQuery code. This will not only reduce the burden of writing huge code, but also give a better performance.

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Microsoft Virtual Academy is organizing a live event for the developers who has basic knowledge of JavaScript and looking forward to improve their JavaScript skill. Join Microsoft experts Christopher Harrison and Gabrielle Crevecoeur on 28th October and take your skills to the next level.


It’s a whole day event for experienced developers and yes, it’s completely free. So, don't miss! Read more to find out details and registration link for the event.

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Do you want to show your Twitter profile information (like no. of followers count, status count, location, website URL etc.) in your webpage? Then this post will help you to fetch your profile details from Twitter.


In order to implement it, we will use jQuery to fetch the JSON object from Twitter API and populate all the necessary information. Continue reading to know further about the implementation.

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Kolkata Geeks invites you to join our weekly online session. We are going to present online sessions in weekly basis so that people lives outside of Kolkata can join us and even participate or contribute to the community. We believe that community cannot be grown individually, but by the people in the community. So we, from behalf of KolkataGeeks community, we invite you to join us to our online session and participate to our community.


Session Title: How to Increase Performance of Web Apps using jQuery
Date: Sunday, Nov 27, 2011 from Time: 2 PM (IST) Duration: 1 hour (2PM to 3PM)

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