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Binding on Style Setter in Silverlight 5

Continuing to our discussion on Silverlight 5 features. In earlier post, we discussed about Text Advancement in Silverlight 5. In this post, we will discuss on another new feature called Binding on Style Setter. This feature is very useful for the XAML designer. If you are a XAML designer, you must be aware of this cool new feature.


Read the complete post where we will discuss how we can bind to a Style Setter.

Multi Column Text support in Silverlight 5

Silverlight 5 has now support for Multi Column Text. By using this feature you will be able to show your text content in column wise. If you are working for a news publisher company or want to publish your text content in column format, this feature will help you definitely. If you implemented this in your application, your text content will automatically position itself in next column if user resizes the application.


So, want to learn about it? Let's discuss on it with a simple example. Read to know more.

What is Line Stacking Strategy in Silverlight TextBlock control?

Do you aware of the Line Stacking Strategy of Silverlight TextBlock control? If not, this post will help you to understand it and after that you will be able to use it whenever require.


So, what is this strategy? Was it available in earlier version of Silverlight or a new feature implemented in Silverlight 5? Let us discuss it in depth.

Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 08-May-2011 to 14-May-2011

Here is our weekly news digest of Silverlight-Zone.com. In this week, we have contributed total 64 posts collected from various web sites and delivered to you daily as a news digest. It's our passion to deliver the good contents to you daily to a single location.


Follow us for daily article news and keep supporting us. During the week 8th May 2011 to 14th May 2011, most visited posts are on a discussion of Windows Phone and Android war, Google Map support in WP7 using the bing control, Expression Blend to build WP7 user interface, new mango features and azure for Windows phone notification support. Read to know more about this articles.

Adding Visual Studio Shortcut to Close currently opened File

You might know that Ctrl + W is a shortcut key for many browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc. to close the tab bar items. If you have tabs in the open tab bar and want to close the currently open tab, you can use Ctrl + W shortcut key instead of clicking the close button.


In Visual Studio, you might want to do the same. Suppose you have a no. of documents open in your tab and you want to close some of them with a shortcut instead of clicking one by one. How can you do that? Read the post to configure your Visual Studio IDE to assign a shortcut for it.

ASP.Net 4.0 Social Networking book - Authored by Atul Gupta

ASP.NET 4 Social NetworkingSocial Networking is all about developing connections or ties between friends and associates. While people have always networked with one another the Internet has allowed us to network with people all over the world easily. Any interest or cause can support its own social network, where fans and followers can meet, chat, and share their views. But building a social networking site from scratch involves some complex logic and some serious coding.


If you want to read some real hands on experience on LINQ, C#4.0, AJAX, MVP pattern etc. then this book is for you. This book is authored by three industry veteran and they have put all their real time experiences here. Read to know few highlights of the book. Also, there is a link to order the book.

What is Character Spacing in Silverlight 5 Controls

There are many new feature announced to support Text advancements in Silverlight 5 Beta. Among them, one is the character spacing. This feature adds spacing between characters inside a TextBlock, RichTextBox and other control elements.


In this post we will demonstrate the use of this new feature and also showcase a simple demo to make you understand better. Read it and start learning Silverlight 5 features.

Formatting text in Silverlight XAML using StringFormat

In my latest two tips we have seen that we can customize the string using Run, Span tags as well as StringFormat in the XAML page. What about if I want to format it for proper DateTime, Currency or Numeric style? As I told you in my last post that, we can achieve the same using the StringFormat parameter in XAML too.


Here in this post, I will demonstrate you the process in depth. Read to know more about it and make your life more comfortable designing your Silverlight application.

Tips: Concatenating strings in Silverlight XAML using StringFormat

Yesterday in this post "Tips: Formatting Silverlight TextBlock Control", I shown you how to use various tags like Run, Span, Bold, Italic and Underline to format the text of TextBlock control, present in your XAML code. I also described the use of Run to bind multiple strings inside a TextBlock control.


Today in this small post, I will show you a different method to concatenate multiple text content inside a single control. This tip will help you next time while doing the same. Read to know more.

Tips: Formatting Silverlight TextBlock Control

In general we use multiple TextBlock controls inside a StackPanel to format a single line. In this post I will show you a different way to format a single line. This is very useful if you want to bind any data in the middle of the text string. Also this is useful if you want to format the line with multiple formatting option. Read to know more about it.

Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 01-May-2011 to 07-May-2011

Here comes the weekly news digest of Silverlight-Zone.com. In this week, we have accumulated 60 posts collected from various sites and delivered to you in a single page daily. It's our effort to bring all good contents to you, so that, you don't have to dig into the net more.


In this week, most visited posts were on Animated Splash Screen in WP7, Panorama control in WP7, LightSwitch developers count as of today, Use of IEventAggregator to communicate between views and how to create WP7 trial application. Read to know more about them.

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