VTD Presentation on Visual Studio LightSwitch: 23rd November 2010

Today I delivered the 1 hour session on “ Building Visual Studio LightSwitch Application ” in Microsoft Virtual Techdays from 1:45PM – 2:4... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on , and was last updated on 2011-01-30T05:11:58Z.
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Today I delivered the 1 hour session on “Building Visual Studio LightSwitch Application” in Microsoft Virtual Techdays from 1:45PM – 2:45PM (Indian Standard Time). It was my first public session and due to this, I was little nervous when I started my presentation. But when I jumped into the demo, I got some confidence on that.


Here, I am going to share the whole presentation for those who wasn’t able to join. Thanks to all my attendees for joining the session.


Don’t forget to give your feedback (online/offline) about the session. It will give me more confidence on my next session and from your feedback I will be able to improve my presentation skill.




Though I faced some issues during the demo (like the VS code window was not opening at all) but the session was good. Not sure why the code window was not opening, but was able to manage that. Around 60 attendees joined this session, which was pretty big for me. Thought to show more but time didn’t permit me.



BTW, sharing the Slide Show here. You can download it freely. Not much content as it was fully demo oriented. Once the recording of the session is available, I will share the link of it in the same post.


Click the below icon to download the Session Slide:


Click Here to download the Presentation


Once again, thanks for attending the session. Hope to get some feedback/suggestion from you (either online or offline). Will try to attend more sessions and deliver better than this, so that, you will be able to know more detail.