Daily News Headline @SilverlightZone - 9 February 2011 - #25

Today, we have 13 news items posted in Silverlight-Zone . If you are a Silverlight, LightSwitch and/or Windows Phone 7 application devel... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Today, we have 13 news items posted in Silverlight-Zone. If you are a Silverlight, LightSwitch and/or Windows Phone 7 application developer, follow Silverlight-Zone for daily news update.


In this issue we have 12 Authors. Today's posts are from: Asim Sajjad, Zamd, Shawn Wildermuth, Law Bot One, Damon Payne, Ben Willi, Rudi Grobler, Den Delimarsky, Andrea Boschin, Guardian, Doug Holland and Beth Massi.


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Here is the list with all news headline posted (February 9th, 2011) at Silverlight-Zone:



How To Create Outlook Appointments from a LightSwitch Application - by @BethMassi
January Update of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools support Copy & Paste - by Doug Holland
WP7 - Understanding Serialization - by Guardian
Windows Phone 7 - Part #4: The application lifecycle - by Andrea Boschin
4 important things to have in your Windows Phone 7 app - by Den Delimarsky
Simple Error Reporting on WP7 - by Rudi Grobler
Custom page transitions in WP7 - by Ben Willi
How To: Storyboard Completed Behaviors verwenden - by @LawBotOne
Task Parallel Library Ported to Silverlight 4 - by Damon Payne
A free-hand drawing with a real path creation Sync - by @LawBotOne
Ten Pet Peeves of WP7 Applications - by @ShawnWildermuth
Silverlight Claim-Based-Security - by zamd
Splash Screen in Silverlight 4 - by Asim Sajjad



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