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In this post, I will share you some important Shortcut keys of Microsoft Expression Blend 4. If you are working with Expression Blend 4, this will definitely help you to improve your daily productivity work. Keep the list with you always to best use of the Shortcut keys in Blend 4 while designing your XAML page.


If you have more shortcuts, please share those to me and I will include them here as the key resource. Thanks for your support.




If you are a XAML developer and using Expression Blend 4, this post will really help you. You will be able to download the free eCopy of the List at the end.



Here is the list of important shortcut keys which can improve your productivity while working in Blend 4:



Shortcut Key Description
F1 Open Expression Blend User Guide (Help File)
Ctrl + + Zoom in designer screen
Ctrl + - Zoom out designer screen
Ctrl + 0 Fit entire page to designer screen
Ctrl + 1 Zoom to Actual Size
Ctrl + 9 Fit selection to the designer screen
F9 Show Handles
Ctrl + Shift + H Show object boundaries
F11 Switch Active document view
F2 Edit text or Rename the selected control
Ctrl + E Edit control
Ctrl + Shift + ] Bring control to Front
Ctrl + ] Bring control Forward
Ctrl + Shift + [ Send control to Back
Ctrl + [ Send control Backward
Ctrl + G Group into a Grid control
Ctrl + Shift + G Ungroup an element
Ctrl + Shift + D Pin Active container
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Auto Size to Width
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Auto Size to Height
Ctrl + Shift + 1 Make width of selected controls to same
Ctrl + Shift + 2 Make height of selected controls to same
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Make size of selected controls to same
Ctrl + Shift + 3 Flip controls Horizontally
Ctrl + Shift + 4 Flip controls Vertically
Ctrl + 7 Make Clipping Path
Ctrl + Shift + 7 Release Clipping Path
Ctrl + 8 Make compound path
Ctrl + Shift + 8 Release compound path
Ctrl + L Lock Selected controls
Ctrl + Shift + L Unlock all controls
Ctrl + T Show selected controls in the designer
Ctrl + 3 Hide selected controls in the designer
Alt + Shift + R Add Reference to project
Ctrl + Shift + B Build project
F5 Run project in debug mode
Ctrl + F5 Run project without debug mode
F8 Make selected controls into a UserControl
Ctrl + Shift + T Create Annotation for the selected item
F6 Switch Active workspaces
Ctrl + Shift + R Reset current workspaces
F12 Show the Results pane
Tab, F4 Auto hide/show all panels
Ctrl + Tab Toggle between opened documents
Ctrl + . Open the Assets panel
Ctrl + N Add a new item
Alt + Drag Creates a copy of the selected control
Space + Drag Pans the Designer
Ctrl + I Add an existing item
Ctrl + Shift + N Add a new project
Ctrl + Shift + O Open existing project or solution
Ctrl + W Close document
Ctrl + Shift + W Close all documents
Ctrl + S Save current document
Ctrl + Shift + S Save all unsaved documents
Ctrl + Shift + P Save copy of Project as...
Ctrl + Q Exit from Expression Blend


Download the PDF copy of the Shortcut Keys of Expression Blend 4 from here:


Download the PDF copy of the list

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