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MVP open day is an exclusive event especially organized for Asia pacific and greater China MVPs. All MVPs from different region join there and have a great time with others. They enjoy attending some sessions, funs and networking between each other.


MVP open day was started yesterday (19th May 2011) at Hyderabad, India. This is my first time at MVP Open day and I really enjoyed it there. In this post, I am going to share my first day experience at the MVP Open day event.



First day started with registration at the Hotel. We had a very good time introducing ourselves with other MVPs and talking on various topics with them. Met Abhishek Kant (South Asia MVP Lead) and Abhishek Baxi for the first time. I had a chance to meet them earlier during TechEd, but was unable to attend it. So, this was the event that we can introduce ourselves. Not only them, I met with various MVPs whom I don't know earlier, still there are someone with whom I have to meet too.



In the morning we, the Pune MVPs reached the hotel and did our registration process at the very beginning. After some refreshment and breakfast, we had a chance to talk with each other, introduce ourselves and discuss on some topics. It was really awesome to meet with other MVPs and get some inputs from them, their works and other things related to personal and professional life.




After the lunch Actual event was started with a key note from Abhishek Kant. Then we had some sessions on "Genuine Software Initiative", "Developer Field Presentation" and some other sessions from other MVPs during the whole day. Finally a great dinner and a dance.





I can't share more on the sessions as those are intended for MVPs only and bound to the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It was really a nice day full of networking and entertainment. Three days more to go. Let's see how it goes. Though I met with various MVPs but still more to go and connect with them.

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