Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 17-July-2011 to 23-July-2011

During the week 17th July to 23rd July, we have 68 new article links at Silverlight-Zone.com which consists of various topics like Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, LightSwitch, XAML and Blend.


In this weekly news digest, I am going to share the popular 5 posts of the week and links to all the daily digest pages. Most popular posts are on "A Collection of WP7 (Mango) Tutorials", "3rd Part of Data Driven Application with MVVM", "Metro Theme Customization7", "Microsoft has 3 months to make or break Windows Phone" and "Excel like Filtering in Silverlight DataGrid".


Read more to find those interesting posts of this week and the digest links in case you missed them.


Top 5 Posts of the Week

Here comes the top 5 visited posts. Top viewed posts are from Kunal Chowdhury (@kunal23838), Silverlight Show (@SilverlightShow), Telerik Team, rush24 and Mahesh Sabnis.


Daily News Headline of this Week

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