Silverlight 5 Toolkit - September 2011 Released

Silverlight 5 Toolkit is now available in CodePlex site. This is the first version of Silverlight 5 Toolkit targeting Silverlight 5 RC build. This is also a first release of Silverlight Toolkit after April 2010. It took more than one year to release this bits. No Silverlight 4 toolkit available yet.


In this post, I am going to share the downloadable location as well as the new components available in this release. Read to know more about them.


Download Silverlight 5 Toolkit

This is the 8th and newest release of the toolkit targeting the Silverlight 5 RC. Download the Silverlight 5 Toolkit directly from CodePlex site. Here is the direct link of the same:

What are the Components Available?

There are various components available in Silverlight 5 Toolkit. Here is a list of new and improved components of this build:

    • AutoCompleteBox
    • Calendar
    • ChildWindow
    • DataGrid
    • DataPager
    • DatePicker
    • GridSplitter
    • HeaderedItemsControl
    • TabControl
    • TreeView
    • DockPanel
    • Expander
    • ContextMenu
    • DataForm
    • DomainUpDown
    • ImplicitStyleManager
    • 11 Themes
    • HeaderedContentControl
    • Label
    • NumericUpDown
    • Viewbox
    • WrapPanel
    • GlobalCalendar
    • TransitioningContentControl
    • TreeMap
    • Drag and Drop support for items controls
    • BusyIndicator
    • Accordion
    • Charting
    • LayoutTransformer
    • Rating
    • TimePicker
    • TimeUpDown


David Catuhe has an excellent post describing on the “What’s New” section in details. Read it from here: Silverlight Toolkit (September 2011) for Silverlight 5–What’s new?

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