Participate in the Contest and Win “SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros” Book Authored by Pinal Dave

Do you work on SQL Server as a SQL developer or administrator and want to gain some good knowledge on SQL Wait Stats and Parallel Execution from SQL Guru Pinal Dave? Then this post will help you to win a hard copy of his book.


Pinal Dave, who is a Microsoft Evangelist published a book “SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros” recently. He accepted my request and going to giveaway 2 copies of his book to my blog followers. Read more to register for the contest and Win the book Free.


Contest Rule – Enter to Win

SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros, authored by Pinal Dave (Technology Evangelist, Microsoft) and Rick Morelan, is available in the market and you can purchase it from here.


But now I am going to give 2 (two) copies of this book as Free to my blog followers. It’s quite easy to win this book. If you want to be the lucky winner, just follow the steps mentioned below:

This giveaway contest of the book will remain open from 3rd October 2011 to 21st October 2011. Take part of the contest and win two copies of the book. We will randomly chose 2 winners from the participants and the result will be declared on 24th October 2011. We will send a Congratulation mail to the Winners and contact them for the shipping address.


More About the Book

The study of wait types is a vast subject, and it would be difficult for one person to understand every wait type and its associated statistics. SQL Server 2008 R2 includes nearly 500 wait types, and this number will increase in the next version of SQL Server (codename “Denali”).


Wait types are not new to SQL Server but the techniques to interpret this feature are not widely available. Performance tuning has been a mainstream concern for SQL professionals for many years. There are many tactics which experts use to tune servers, queries, and systems; however, techniques for using wait types, wait queues, and wait statistics in performance tuning are understood by relatively few in our industry.


Of the hundreds of wait types, this book covers the most visible ones. This initial volume doesn’t cover the wait statistics with less significance or ones seldom seen. Again, every wait type potentially has multiple solutions. This book is a humble attempt to make these concepts more accessible to SQL developers.

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  1. (For a novel developer)
    SQL it's a standard and a Book of a great language: SQL, It's gonna be a great tool for me(It's the history and more...). And obvious I'll learn about Wait Types, that seems give you the control over performance.

  2. Kunal, I am just a beginner in sql and love working on DB more. Don't know about sql wait states but this book will definitely help me to learn this. This will also help me in my work and career perspective. Will be extremely happy if I could win this book.

  3. Helps for Better performance, and Resource Utilization

  4. Helps to increase performance and resource utilization

  5. This book will help me to understand SQL waitstats. It will be a good book for me.

  6. This will help me to understand the SQL wait stats and I will be able to do SQL performance tuning in better way. Pinal Sir is an icon to SQL server and I will be very happy to Win this book.

  7. SQL wait types provides measurements of what the database engine has been waiting. I want to improve my T-SQL programming. That's why I need this book

  8. Understanding wait types would help to dig down the root cause of performance bottlenecks. Various waits related to lock(shared, exclusive, schema, etc.), backup's, service broker and logging waits would be my primary area of interest.

  9. It is one of the must read SQL Server books, especially for DBA's. One of the best author involved Pinal Dave, an MVP and having enormous knowledge in SQL Administration and coding. Also he is having extraordinary teaching skills which makes this book a must read.

  10. I work with SQL Server every day, and I have never even heard of a 'wait stat'. Apparently I have either been missing out on a great exersize routine (and wait should be spelled weight), or I really need to get smart on this technology. Pinal Dave has saved my bacon more than once with his blog, so I am for sure a fan of everything he has done.


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