Weekly News Digest @SilverlightZone - 06-November-2011 to 12-November-2011

Here comes the weekly news digest of Silverlight-Zone.com for the week 6th November 2011 to 12th November 2011. Once again the “Future of Silverlight” hit the developers. Lots of rumours we have seen during the week on Silverlight. Still waiting to hear about the future from the voice of Microsoft.


Find the top 5 posts made by Mike James, John Callaham, @maryjofoley, @JeremyLikness and @Telerik. Also find out the daily news digest links, if you missed any one during last week.


Top 5 Posts of the Week

Here comes the top 5 posts of the week which were visited by the readers. Top 3 was on Future of Silverlight. Every Silverlight developers are in worry on their future. Microsoft still needs to speak up and clear about it. Find the list here:

Daily News Digest

Here comes the links of Daily News Headline @SilverlightZone. If you missed them earlier, here are the links:

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