Kolkata Developer Conference 2011 - A Recap of my WP7 Session

On last Saturday, 12th November 2011, I presented 1 hour Technical session on “Windows Phone 7” in Kolkata Developer Conference . The event ... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on

On last Saturday, 12th November 2011, I presented 1 hour Technical session on “Windows Phone 7” in Kolkata Developer Conference. The event was organized by Microsoft User Group Kolkata (KolkataGeeks). It is the premier technical event for technology professionals at Kolkata interested in learning, connecting and exploring latest Microsoft technologies.


In this post, I will recap my Windows Phone 7 session. I will also share the Session Slides (PPT), Demos and related Article links. Some snaps of the event will also be available at the end of the post.


New to Windows Phone 7 Development?

If you are new to Windows Phone 7 application development, you may like to read out my 31 days tutorial series to get started with the basic concepts. The complete series is available in this page:

You can also find out some other good Windows Phone 7 article stuffs here in my blog. A list of Windows Phone 7 Tips are also available for you to read.


Download Demos

In the one hour session, I demonstrated some cool samples from my 31 days WP7 tutorial series. You can download the demo projects from this section. Link to each of the blog articles of mine has also been added here. You can read more about them from those links. These article links are also part of the Tutorial series. If you have any issue downloading the projects, let me know.



Blog Article


Page State

Read (1 / 2)


Application State

Read (1 / 2)


Tomb Stoning



Isolated Storage



Network Connection Settings




Read (1 / 2 / 3)



Download all the above Demo Projects as a single Zip file from here: Download WP7 Demos – November 2011


View/Download Presentation

You can view the slides in this section. Also, I added links to download this PPT so that, you can view them offline. Uploaded both the 97-2003 and 2010 (Recommended) PowerPoint formats. You can chose between any one of them.






Photo Album

Here sharing some snaps from the event. Speakers were from different parts of India. Thanks to all of them to take part.



Thanks to everyone who attended the session. Also my sincere thanks to all the members of the KolkataGeeks User Group, Volunteers, Guest Speakers and Sponsors to make the event a great success. Follow my blog, if you are not already. I am also available on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact me there too.

Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on
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