In our last video tutorial “What is the Lifecycle of Windows 8 Metro Style Application?”, we learnt how the Windows 8 metro style application life cycle works using a small video demonstration of states.
In this video tutorial we will see a practical example of it using the already available metro applications. Continue to watch the video tutorial series.



Tutorial Index

Here is the list of the previous chapters of the video tutorial series. If you didn’t watch them earlier, go thru them before starting with the Windows 8 Metro style application development:

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Video Tutorial: Practical Demonstration of Windows 8 Metro Style Application Lifecycle

In our previous video tutorial we discussed about the Principal’s of the Windows 8 Metro application lifecycle with the help of states. I hope that it was helpful for you to understand the complete process. Today in this tutorial, we will see a practical example of the lifecycle process of Windows 8 Metro applications:




End Note

Hope, it was a helpful tutorial for you to understand the “Lifecycle of Windows 8 Metro Style Application”. Stay tuned to my blog for more video tutorials on the same topic.


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