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I am very happy to announce that, has completed it’s first anniversary today. We officially launched this portal on 1st January 2011 and continuing our efforts to submit article news daily.


I appreciate the efforts made by the contributors of this community portal and the followers of Silverlight-Zone. Without their support this journey could be very difficult.


This post is not just the celebration of 1 year completion, we are also announcing our first “Contributor of the Month” award. We are happy to see such contributors on-board.


SilverlightZone is not only a portal of Silverlight Technology, we submit article links of Windows Phone 7, LightSwitch, WPF, XNA, Windows 8 Metro Applications too. It’s India's 1st and only one complete web portal which is targeted for those development community.


We started our journey on 1st January 2011 with 118 posts borrowed from 2010 and gradually reached to 3706 posts in 2011. Thus our database consists of ~3825 article links submitted to help the developer community.


Contributor of the Month

Contributor of the Month, December 2011 (@SilverlightGal)


We are pleased to announce our first “Contributor of the Month” award and this time it goes to “@SilverlightGal” for her regular contribution towards the

community portal during December 2011.


Thank you @SilverlightGal for your effort to make this portal running regularly. Wish you all the best.



Statistics and Social Links

We are happy to share few of our statistics today on the eve of 1st year completion. Also, follow us to the below social networking media to keep you updated on the latest article, news posts shared from different parts of the world. If you write blog posts/articles on those technology, please share us your article/posts links so that, we can highlight them in the site to push the already available good contents to a greater world.

    • Total nos. of posts submitted in our Database: 3824
    • Total posts submitted on Silverlight: 1594
    • Total posts submitted on Windows Phone 7: 2117
    • Total nos. of XAML news: 307
    • Total LightSwitch contents: 216
    • We have 230+ Facebook friends who liked us at:
    • We have 5100+ Tweets and 580+ Twitter followers at:

We are trying our level best to share all those links to the social networking medias like Facebook, Twitter whenever a new post submits in our portal.


Follow our site on web, follow us on Twitter@SilverlightZone and like us on Facebook@SilverlightZone. We appreciate your feedback to improve our site and content management. Also, we are looking forward to get few contributors who can voluntarily help us to help the developer community. Thank you everyone for your continuous support and I hope to help you better in coming year.

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