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If you are using Windows Phone 7 and want to activate the “Call Waiting Service”, this post will help you. You might came to this page by search engines if didn’t find any settings to activate this service in your phone. This post is not related to any sort of programming but just a small usages tips.


Continue reading and activate the service right now if you are searching for this.


Recently I noticed that the “Call Waiting Service” of my Windows Phone 7 is not working and I searched a lot in the settings page to find out the option. But could not figured it out anywhere. Later I heard it from my friend Senthil that the option is not available in the settings page unlike other phone devices.


Activation Process:

To activate this service go to the phone dialer and call to: *43#


Deactivation Process:

To deactivate this service go to the phone dialer and call to: #43#


I hope this small non-development tips will help you to activate this call waiting service and you will not miss any call in future. Finally thanks to Senthil for sharing his findings.