Microsoft launched Visual Studio 11 Beta and .Net Framework 4.5 Beta with lots of new, enhanced and improved features. Jason Zander, announced the availability of Visual Studio 11 beta and .Net Framework 4.5 beta in his Weblog on 29th February 2012.


Continue reading this post to find out the links towards the Web Installer as well as the Offline / Standalone Installer of Visual Studio complete suite.


Download Visual Studio 11 Beta

Visual Studio 11 comes in four flavors called Ultimate (Visual Studio 11 Ultimate Beta is the comprehensive ALM offering for organizations developing and operating highly scalable software applications and services), Premium (Visual Studio 11 Premium Beta offers an integrated ALM solution to bring together stakeholders, users, and software development functions to deliver compelling applications as a unified team), Professional (Visual Studio 11 Professional Beta is a unified development experience that enables developers to create multi-tier applications across the web, cloud, and devices) and Test Professional (Visual Studio 11 Test Professional Beta is ideal for testers, business analysts, product managers, and other stakeholders who need team collaboration tools, but not a full development IDE).


Here is the direct downloadable links for Visual Studio 11 Beta web installer:

Visual Studio 11 is also available in ISO Format (Standalone/Offline installer). You can directly download them from the below links:


You can also find out other Visual Studio 11 Beta Products as listed below. Here is the list of Web Installers:

Here is the list of ISO Images for offline installation of other Visual Studio 11 Beta Products:


I hope that, the above links will be helpful for you to download individual product of Microsoft Visual Studio 11 Beta. Happy Coding.

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