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As declared in June, Nokia rolled out “Camera Extras” for Windows Phone 7.5 Lumia devices. To get this application, you must upgrade your phone OS to 7.10.8773.x which was released in US and China from 22nd June and all other countries during various time frame of July.


The Camera Extras includes “Smart Group Shots”, “Action Shots”, “Panorama” and “Self-Timer” showcased for Windows Phone 8. Continue reading to get more info and download link.


The new camera extras enhances the current camera application which were demanded by the users for long time. This update will add new settings which will allow you to take pictures that you have never taken before using your existing Windows Phone 7 handsets.


Camera Extras enhances the existing Camera application


Remember that, you cannot directly launch this application, but you need this to add the enhanced features in the existing camera application. To know more about the new settings/capabilities which this will add in your Windows Phone camera application, visit this link: Nokia is coming up with Camera Extras and Software Updates for Lumia in June-July


The above link also has a video embedded at the end of the post to give you an idea of what’s new in this camera update.


Where can I find the Camera Extras?

Well, that’s a very good question. If you already updated your Nokia Lumia operating system to the latest version, you can install it in your phone device. You can find it in the Marketplace under the “Apps from Nokia” section.


Still didn’t find the Camera Extras in the Marketplace? Here is the direct link to it: “Grab Nokia Camera Extras”. If the link says you “App not found”, don’t worry. Click the link directly from your Windows Phone device and you will be able to download it.



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