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Microsoft now announced new benefits that will help you get your apps out to millions of people to see, try and buy! As an MSDN subscriber, you’ll now receive one-time 12 month Windows Store and
Windows Phone Developer accounts!


After reimagined Windows Phone Store from Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft announced this to the MSDN subscribers. To know more about the benefits and to get the links, check out the post.


Yes, you read the title right. Microsoft announced new benefits for the MSDN Subscribers for Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. This benefit will will help you get your apps out to millions of people to see, try and buy! As an MSDN subscriber, you’ll receive one-time 12 month Windows Store and Windows Phone Developer accounts.


Why do you need a Developer Account?

Microsoft Developer account is needed to build and publish your apps to the greater world. As a simple points, with a developer account, you can:

    • Create apps
    • Publish your apps in all available markets
    • Watch your progress with detailed reports


Windows Store Developer Account Availability

Windows Store developer account is now available to the company accounts. That means, you can now sign-up for a company account starting today! To register for your company account, you can simply go to the benefit overview page to get your registration code and then start the registration process. You'll also see Windows Store Developer account listed on My Account of your MSDN Subscription page. Individual account registration will become available later this fall.


With a Windows Store Developer account, you can:

    • Publish apps in hundreds of countries/regions the Windows Store supports.
    • Make money from paid downloads, trials, in-app purchases, advertising, and subscriptions.
    • Get detailed reports on the use and performance of your app.


Windows Phone Developer Account Availability

You can sign-up for Windows Phone Developer account in exchange of $99 USD. Later this month, you’ll be able to sign up for your Windows Phone Developer account if you are holding MSDN License. Currently, it is not yet available but you’ll know about it when when you see the benefit listed on My Account page of your MSDN Subscription. Just click on ‘Get Code’ to get your promo code and start the registration process.


With a Windows Phone Developer account, you can:

    • Get free development tools, including a phone emulator to test your app
    • Explore code samples and all the information in our developer library
    • Read tips about selling your app
    • Review our policy guidelines and certification requirements
    • See tips and guidelines for creating apps that reflect the beauty of our design concepts
    • Create apps with trial options
    • Enable in-app purchasing, so customers can buy things within your app
    • Test your app with a real phone
    • Submit free and paid apps to the Store
    • Distribute your app around the world and set country/region-specific price tiers
    • Watch your progress and manage your apps in a personalized dashboard
    • Ask questions, share advice, or talk with other Windows Phone developer



Availability varies by subscription offering and market. Developer accounts are a one-time 12 month benefit. Registration and promo codes are non-transferable.


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