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Yesterday the Windows Phone Dev Center was down for quite a long time. The main reason behind that was probably Microsoft team was deploying the new version of the site.


When we visited the site today, we noticed a new version of the whole site. That’s not only a fresh, new UI experience but you’ll also find everything you need to create great apps for your customers with new features.


Microsoft reimagined their Windows Phone Dev Center (formerly known as AppHub) yesterday with a new refreshed UI. It was needed by the regular developers while using the portal to submit their apps in Marketplace. The new site has better performance improvements and usability stuffs. Also, it contains additional features for the Windows 8 Application submission.


Here comes the new look of the Windows Phone Dev Center:


Windows Phone Dev Center New Look


Yesterday many people reported that the site was down with the following message, which was probably due to server upgrade:


App Hub Down


The all new dashboard is now designed to give you proper activity stuffs of you in a single page. It has now 3 sections named “Messages”, “My Money” and “Highlights”. The first section will inform you about any messages from the app submission monitoring tool. You can monitor the state of your app submissions. Click the message to take action on the message. The second section will give you some basic payout statistics of your apps and WP8 in-app products including last payment details and paid to date balance. The 3rd section highlights three important information called “App downloads”, “In-app products” and “Crash count”.


App downloads is the default view which shows a list of top apps based on app downloads in last 30 days. In-app products shows a list of top in-app products based on the purchases in last 30 days along with the apps where the purchase was done. The Crash counts section shows the five apps that have crashed the most in last 30 days.


Get SDK     Submit App     View Samples


Other improvements include support for thousands of beta testers instead of a 100 tester limit, an improved sign-up and submission process including PayPal support for submitted paid apps. The portal analytics now has support for free, paid, trial and beta apps into separate download categories. Lots of other changes were made now in this portal from new app submission to upgrade and unpublishing any existing app from the marketplace. Check it out and you will know more about it.


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