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Today in this blog post, I will cover all the Keyboard Shortcuts of ReSharper 7 in default Visual Studio scheme. JetBrains recently released their new version of ReSharper with lots of new features and enhancements which generally improve application development productivity.


If you are new to ReSharper or just upgraded to ReSharper 7, this post will definitely help you to bookmark the keyboard shortcuts in front of your desk.


ReSharper is a renowned productivity tool that makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE. Thousands of .NET developers worldwide daily uses ReSharper’s code inspections, automated refactorings, blazing fast navigation and coding assistance.


ReSharper 7 officially supports Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008 SP1 and 2005 SP1. If you installed it in your development environment, the following table will help you to recall all the default Keyboard Shortcuts built-in in ReSharper for Visual Studio scheme:


ReSharper 7 Command Shortcut Key
Symbol code completion Ctrl+Space
Smart code completion Ctrl+Alt+Space
Import symbol completion Shift+Alt+Space
Complete statement Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Parameter info Ctrl+Shift+Space
Go to previous signature Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space
Quick documentation Ctrl+Shift+F1
Move code up/down/left/right Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right
Extend selection Ctrl+Alt+Right
Shrink selection Ctrl+Alt+Left
Duplicate a line or selection Ctrl+D
Select containing declaration Ctrl+Shift+[
Comment with line comment Ctrl+Alt+/
Comment with block comment Ctrl+Shift+/
Generate code (constructors, properties, implementing/overriding members, etc) Alt+Ins
Insert live template Ctrl+E, L
Surround with template Ctrl+E, U
Create file from template Alt+Ins in Solution Explorer
Go to last edit location Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
View recent files Ctrl+,
View recent edits Ctrl+Shift+,
Go to related files Ctrl+Alt+F7
View bookmarks Ctrl+`
Go to bookmark Ctrl+[numeric key]
Set/remove bookmark Ctrl+Shift+[numeric key]
Go to type Ctrl+T
Go to symbol Shift+Alt+T
Go to file Ctrl+Shift+T
Go to file member Alt+\
Find usages Shift+F12
Find usages (advanced) Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12
Find Results window Ctrl+Alt+F12
Highlight usages in file Shift+Alt+F11
Go to previous usage Ctrl+Alt+PgUp
Go to next usage Ctrl+Alt+PgDn
Analyze References window Ctrl+Alt+Y
Navigate to Alt+`
Go to declaration F12
Go to type of symbol Ctrl+Shift+F11
Go to implementation Ctrl+F12
Go to base symbols Alt+Home
Go to derived symbols Alt+End
Go to usage Shift+Alt+F12
File Structure Ctrl+Alt+F
Go to next member/tag Alt+Down
Go to previous member/tag Alt+Up
Go to containing declaration Ctrl+[
To-do items Ctrl+Alt+D
Explore stack trace Ctrl+E, T
Locate in Solution Explorer Shift+Alt+L
Show available quick-fixes and context actions Alt+Enter
Inspect this Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A
Inspection Results window Ctrl+Alt+V
View type hierarchy Ctrl+E, H
Go to next highlight (error, warning or suggestion) Alt+PgDn
Go to previous highlight (error, warning or suggestion) Alt+PgUp
Go to next error Shift+Alt+PgDn
Go to previous error Shift+Alt+PgUp
Refactor this Ctrl+Shift+R
Rename Ctrl+R, R
Move type or static member Ctrl+R, O
Safe delete Ctrl+R, D or Alt+Del
Extract method Ctrl+R, M
Introduce variable Ctrl+R, V
Introduce field Ctrl+R, F
Introduce parameter Ctrl+R, P
Inline variable/method/field Ctrl+R, I
Change signature Ctrl+R, S
Code Cleanup Ctrl+E, C
Run unit tests Ctrl+U,R
Debug unit tests Ctrl+U,D
Run all tests from solution Ctrl+U,L
Run current session Ctrl+U,Y
Repeat previous run Ctrl+U,U
Unit Test Explorer Ctrl+Alt+U
Unit Test Sessions Ctrl+Alt+R



Click to Download 'ReSharper 7 Shortcuts' as PDF File


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