Targeted .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2012

Targeted .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2012

Did you install Visual Studio 2012 in a fresh new environment and willing to target your project for .NET Framework prior to Framework 4 but could not see the option to change to the older framework version? This post will help you in details.


Continue reading more to know about the default .NET Targeted Framework of Visual Studio 2012 and the steps to install additional framework version.


If you are new to Visual Studio 2012 and installed freshly in your all new development environment, you could probably face this issue. You will not see all the .NET framework version listed in your Visual Studio “New Project” dialog. By default this new IDE comes with only two framework version: .NET Framework 4 and .NET Framework 4.5. If you want your project to target the older version too, you need to install the same to integrate in the IDE.


By default, you will see the following targeted framework in the dropdown present in the “New Project” dialog:


Default .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2012


If you want to install the older framework versions for your Visual Studio IDE, you need to download the appropriate .NET Framework versions in your PC. To use .NET 3.5, you need to download the .NET Framework 3.5 and all it’s prior versions. You can do this by clicking the “More Framework” link present in the dropdown itself.


Targeted .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2012


Once installed, you will see all the installed Frameworks listed in the dropdown as shown above and you will be able to create and/or open those solutions using your Visual Studio 2012 IDE.


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  2. Sir,
    I have windows 10 and VS2015. But my targeted .net framework is blank. Please help

    1. Hi Srini,

      This might be due to a faulty installation. Try reinstalling the VS2015. If the issue still persists, download a fresh copy of VS2015 and try again.

      Let me know, how it goes.



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