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Register for Windows Phone 8 Webcast Series

Microsoft is organizing a series of webcasts on Windows Phone 8 (WP8) development for WP8Dev. Check out the schedule and register for the event for free. - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Last month Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 SDK and now they are organizing a 10 hours online webcast to train you in WP8 application development. In this webcast you will learn more about development from the experts.


In this post, find the session details, time table and the link to register for the free webcast event. Take part of it and enhance your Windows Phone skills.


It’s a 5 days webcast series organized by Microsoft experts on Windows Phone 8 application development. Spare 2 hours a day for 5 continuous days starting from 26th November 2012 and experience the professional app idea to enhance your Windows Phone 8 skills.


This webcast series will cover from basic to app submission process including design, development and performance matrices. So, don’t wait for the last hour and register yourself for free now itself.


Register for Windows Phone 8 Webcast


Here is the complete agenda of the webcast series which will start from 26th November 2012 and end on 30th November 2012 (03:00 PM – 05:00 PM, Indian Standard Time, daily):


Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 - Development Tools & Dev Center 26-Nov-2012
In this session we will walk through the new app platform in Windows Phone8 (WP8), Application development models, WP8 version of WinRT, supported application models, getting started with WP8 app development, new features overview, using the Windows Phone Developer Tools and WP7x compatibility. The session emphasizes on the overall stages that a business/developer should be aware of.
Designing Apps for Windows Phone 8 27-Nov-2012
In this session, we will talk about the design and user experience philosophy of Windows Phone. In this session developers and designers will learn what are things they should keep in mind to make their applications shine on the Windows Phone. We will also go through the essential techniques you need to build an application, Windows Design Language, designing an App, introduction to XAML Layout, Styles and Themes Design Time Data, during this session.
Application Lifecycle for Windows Phone 8 28-Nov-2012
In this session we will cover the way apps work on Windows Phone and how the OS manages them so that when they lose focus, they are suspended in order to conserve crucial phone resources, primarily battery life. This session will explain what happens and what you must do as an app developer to create the best experience for your user.
Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 29-Nov-2012
In this session we will cover the core concepts of programming for Windows Phone 8 platform. How to leverage the features like Page navigation, Application Bar, Handling Page Orientation Changes, Handling Different Screen Resolutions, Localization, Windows Phone Toolkit, Page Transitions. This session will focus on the depth concepts of Windows Phone Development.
Windows Phone Store and making your apps submission ready 30-Nov-2012
In this session we will the process of preparing your app for submission, the submission process, and tips on how to maximize uptake and increase profit. The session will focus on Performance Analysis, app creation and configuring, Store Testing Tool, App distribution, Windows Phone Store, advertising supported apps and maximizing uptake.



Register for Windows Phone 8 Webcast


The link to attend the meeting is displayed on the confirmation message that appears after submitting the Registration form. Please install the LiveMeeting Client prior to the Webcast.


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