Re-awarded as Microsoft MVP for the fourth time, but…

October 1st 2010, the day when I first received a mail from the Microsoft mentioning as one of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardees of the quarter as a Silverlight contributor. I was holding that title on Silverlight platform for last 3 consecutive years.


Like last three years, this time also I have been awarded for this prestigious title but… I am no longer a Silverlight MVP now. Microsoft awarded me as “Client Development MVP” this time.


From the beginning of my career, I was contributing a lot more on Silverlight technology. Still I love Silverlight, more precisely the XAML/C# path like WPF, Windows Phone, Windows 8 (WinRT), LightSwitch. For last a year or two, I am contributing more on Windows Phone and Windows 8 (RT) development platform too along with Silverlight. Hence, Microsoft moved me to a new specialized category introduced this quarter named as “Client Development MVP”.


Here is the mail that I received from Microsoft Community Engagement Director:



Client Development MVP category is a new expertise introduced this quarter (Q3.2013) to recognize individuals who are actively contributing on building apps for clients like Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, Windows 8 (RT) etc. and I am happy to be part of this newest category this year.


Thanks to all my blog readers, twitter followers, facebook fans, friends, my parents, Tanmay, Biplab and the whole Microsoft Development Community for your continuous support, feedback and encouragement. I am happy to be a Microsoft Technology blogger and helping the community to the fullest on my off time. And yes, last but not least, my sincere “Thanks” to Microsoft for awarding me this prestigious title.