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The Programmers Newspaper

"The Programmers" newspaper is an initiative by programmers for programmers to learn about latest and greatest about technologies and enhance their skills. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Programming is an art to implement the ideas into software which end user uses to accomplish their job easily. Writing articles for the programmers needs patience and skills to help the other clarify their doubts. There are lots of blogs and sites which already helps programmers day-by-day.


It’s about an year ago a team of passionate programmers took an initiative to compile a newspaper named “The Programmers” with valuable articles. If you are a developer, don’t forget to grab the copy.


It was March 2013 when we got the first edition of “The Programmers” newspaper with lots of valuable articles on technical and related non-technical fields and after a few months, in July 2013, the team published the second edition of the newspaper with lot many articles from the developers. This paper does not only say about articles, but provides a complete code snippet, coding tips and many more.


The Programmers Newspaper Banner

What’s there in Second Edition?

Here is a list of topics those were discussed well in the second edition of the newspaper:

    • Five great .NET 4.5 framework features (Page 2)
    • Object Oriented Design Principles (Page 5)
    • Will US immigration bill kill Indian IT companies? (Page 10)
    • Method overloading in WCF (Page 11)
    • What is Duck Typing? (Page 12)
    • Typical IT service company (Page 13)
    • Deep talk on cultures and languages with ASP.NET and SQL (Page 14)
    • Four ways of passing data between layers (Page 18)
    • Interview with Mr. Abhishek Kant (Page 21)
    • WPF Tutorial: Beginning (Page 22)
    • Exploring JavaScript MV* Framework – Hello Backbone.js (Page 25)
    • Some best practices to write better C#/.NET code (Page 27)
    • MNC vs. Small Companies (Page 32)
    • Presentation Experiences and Tips (Page 35)
    • Lets have some fun (Page 37)
    • Lets code (Page 38)
    • Lets talk (Page 39)
    • Lets prepare for Interview (Page 40)
    • Code snippets, Tips and many more…

How to grab a copy?

“The Programmers” newspaper is completely free for you to read and gain you knowledge. If you are interested to read, drop a mail to: TheProgrammers24X7 [AT] gmail [DOT] com requesting a copy of the same.

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