It was the big day for the Kolkata developers and IT Pros, when we organized the first successful event in the city of Kolkata targeting the IT Pros as the audience. Thanks to these vast audience for attending the event and make it successful.


Today, I am going to share some snaps and little bit of recap of the event. It was our great pleasure to have Biplab Paul (Program Manager, South Asia MVP Community) among ourselves.



Every successful event starts with a bigger audience and ends with full of enthusiasm, questions, fun, prizes and more which we experienced yesterday at the Transforming Data Center Roadshow event in Kolkata (India) and these gave us the pleasure to announce a new group called “Kolkata Connects”.


The event started with introduction followed by a long session from Abhishek and we don’t feel that anyone was sleeping in his session. He gave a brief overview on the entire Windows Azure platform. Indeed, a very good session.



After the tea break (which was required anyhow), Sumantro started his session on Azure Backup explaining each of the parts very carefully. Lots of questions he encountered during his session.



By that time, we had an opportunity to have an on-going discussion with Biplab Paul on various topics on Windows Platform, Visual Studio, community events and many more.



After having a very good food at lunch, we had an in-depth session from Anil Malekani (Microsoft India) on Azure platform. Didn’t notice any after lunch effect as both the speaker and audience was very enthusiast in terms of making the session interactive.



At the end of the event, there was a pushback session from Biplab on community and community events. We all enjoyed this session. Finally a new group has been formed by Biplab to help the IT Pros of Kolkata to have much bigger events.



Here comes few snaps randomly taken during the event, followed by Q & A and prize distributions:





Lastly, thanks to all the audience, speakers and our guests for attending the event and make it successful. Don’t forget to “Like” the new group page: “Kolkata Connects” and have the wonderful moments to have more such events here in Kolkata.

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