Microsoft announced the Visual Studio 2015 Product Line and disclosed the upgrade path with a limited free upgrade offer to Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise Edition if you already have a subscription. Currently it is available as CTP 6 for download and plan to release in May 2015.


Read further to know more about the product line, upgrade offer and the price tier. Also, sharing few links which might be a good read for you.



Day by day, Microsoft is making the developers life easier. Under one umbrella of Visual Studio 2015, you will be now able to develop applications for various platforms and devices. Also, on 12th November 2014, they introduced the Visual Studio Community 2013 edition which is Free for individual developers, students, open source contributors and small teams.


As per the new product line offer, Microsoft is bringing the value of Visual Studio Premium and Visual Studio Ultimate under one offering named Visual Studio Enterprise, when they release the product in this Summer (May 2015). The other packages will remain same i.e. Visual Studio Community edition will remain as it is and will be still free for individual developers, students, open source contributors and small teams. Visual Studio Professional will also remain as it is.


Here is the complete Product Line for your reference (source - Microsoft):


Visual Studio 2015 Product Offerings


When Visual Studio 2015 is released later this year, Visual Studio Community edition will remain as it is i.e. free for indie developers and small teams. Apart from that, all active Visual Studio with MSDN subscribers will be upgraded to the new editions as described in the following table:


Visual Studio 2015 Price Tier


To find out more about the pricing and the offer terms, check out the following links:

Are you an individual developer, student, open source contributor or have a small team? You can download and use Visual Studio Community 2013 for FREE. Once Microsoft releases Visual Studio 2015, you will be automatically upgraded to use the new IDE for Free. What else a developer wants? If interested, you can also try out Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 (Web Installer | Offline ISO Image) now to try out the latest bits before it officially launches.


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