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Windows 10 Technical Preview is already there and I hope, many of you already installed in your device(s) and tried it out. It’s still in development stage and little bit unfinished or buggy. Hence, if you want to revert back your OS after installing the preview release, this post will help you to do so.


In this post, we will cover how to rollback your Windows 10 Technical Preview installation for phone to Windows Phone 8.x (8.0 or 8.1, based on the availability for your device).



Using Windows Phone Recovery Tool, you can easily rollback your phone from Windows 10 Technical Preview. Make sure that, you have your phone connected with a computer using a USB cable, the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and a good internet bandwidth to download the OS image.



Follow the below easy mentioned steps to rollback your Windows 10 Technical Preview version for phone:

    • Make sure, you have installed the latest version of the Windows Phone Recovery Tool in your computer.
    • Open the Windows Phone Recovery Tool and connect the phone to your computer with USB cable. If your phone is not detected, disconnect it from the computer and click 'My phone was not detected' and then follow the instructions available on the screen.
    • Once the tool detects the phone properly, tap the phone model on the screen to continue.
    • The next screen shows you the software versions which can be install. Tap the reinstall button at the bottom of the screen.
    • The tool will show a disclaimer screen that suggests to backup your phone (Make sure that, you have already backed up your phone data/images etc. as it is going to delete all personal files). Tap continue at the bottom to proceed to the next screen.
    • The tool will then start downloading and installing the firmware (approx. 1.5-1.7 GB), which will take a while depending on your internet connection. Make sure that your phone is always connected with the computer and it has a better battery backup.
    • If everything goes file, you tool will greet you with a message that says, "Operation successfully completed".


Please remember the following before proceeding with the installation:

    • Your phone is well charged and your phone has a better battery backup during the installation.
    • Do not use your phone during the software package installation.
    • Do not  disconnect the cable connected with the computer.
    • Do not turn off your phone or computer. Else, your phone will go for a toss.
    • During the installation, your phone will restart several times and the screen will go blank. Keep passion until the job finishes successfully.


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