History of #Windows - Win 1 to Win 10 - an Infographic

Windows 1 was first released in the year 1985 and after 30 years having so many versions of Windows, Microsoft is going to release Windows 10 on 29th July 2015. MicrosoftTraining.net has created an infographic of different versions of Windows operating system till now.


As per their request, I am sharing the infographic with you. Hope, you will like that. There is also a link to the high resolution image at the end of this post.


History of Windows - Win 1 to Win 10 (www.kunal-chowdhury.com)



Windows 10 is currently available as Technical Preview and millions of users are testing the new operating system going to launch on 29th July 2015. Are you one of them? Don’t forget to share your favorite feature of Windows 10.


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Download High Resolution Image of the Infographic

Source:   Infographic: The History of Windows (microsofttraining.net)


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  1. Windows ME was not the last DOS based system.. but Windows 98 SE was.. Windows ME was targeted towards the home users like Windows 9x but they just disabled real DOS mode in Windows ME to decrease the boot time in Windows ME and it is the first NT based system for home users.

  2. Oh dear really?
    98SE was indeed sat on top of DOS but was not the last edition to do so. ME also sat on top of DOS but with the ability to boot direct to DOS removed.
    It most certainly was NOT NT based as it didn't use NTFS but instead used FAT32 as well as a 9x Kernel, not NT.
    As a result of the changes made to DOS mode, it DID give the feel of an NT based system to the end user so when XP arrived, users were able to transition easier.

  3. I used all of these and the original versions of MSDOS in my career. If only I could have my time again.....

  4. Oh dear. Windows 8.1 picture is wrong the star button was back but not the start menu, that came back in Windows 10. So many errors in this image it should be pulled and reworked. :-(


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