Microsoft today announced REST APIs for mail, calendar and contacts having support for both Office 365 and Now you can build apps for Outlook, and Office 365 users with one set of APIs targeting Windows, iOS, Android, Node.js, Ruby and more.


In this post, find more about the announcement and further links to proceed with. If you are a developer, you might want to try this.



Outlook REST APIs bring features like mail, calendars and contacts for Office 365 users and users into your app. You can also extend outlook to create add-ins using HTML and JavaScript to bring your features right into the user's Outlook experience on phones, tablets, desktops and the web.


In a blog post “Unified Outlook APIs for Office 365 & are here!”, Venkat Ayyadevara from Microsoft announced the REST APIs for Outlook and Office 365:


We are excited to announce Outlook REST APIs for mail, calendar, and contacts now support both Office 365 &! This single REST API endpoint combined with a new app registration portal and v2.0 app model announced by the Azure Active Directory team, makes it very easy to build a single app that can be used by both Office 365 and users.



Connect to the Outlook Service Extend Outlook Developer Portal
           >    Get started with REST APIs            >    Get started with Mail apps            >    Outlook Dev Center
           >    Mail API Reference            >    Mail add-ins Reference  
           >    Calendar API Reference            >    Concept Topics  
           >    Contacts API Reference    
           >    Notifications API Reference (Preview)    
           >    User Photo API Reference (Preview)    



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