How to import favorites in Microsoft Edge for #Windows 10?

If you have installed Windows 10, you have noticed that Microsoft released a new browser named “Microsoft Edge” with this new operating syst... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

If you have installed Windows 10, you have noticed that Microsoft released a new browser named “Microsoft Edge” with this new operating system. Internet Explorer is still present in Windows 10, but the default browser that you find is Edge, once you install Win 10.


In this blog post, we will discuss how to import the bookmark/favorites from another browser in Microsoft Edge. Continue reading to learn about it.



Microsoft Edge browser of Windows 10 has been bench marked and was reported that, it is more faster than Google Chrome. If you are continuing with other browsers, you might want to give it a spin and find out whether it really solve your browsing need. In such case, you want to import all your bookmarks/favorites list from your default browser to Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft Edge provides a easy  import function to import the favorites list from other browsers. To do so, open the Edge browser and find out the ellipsis (three dots) present at the top right corner of the Window. Click it to expand the menu and then navigate to the Settings page as shown in the below screenshot:


Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge - Settings - Import Bookmark (


Once the settings fly out is open, click the link that says “Import favorites from another browser”. A screenshot of the same has been shown below:


Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge - Settings - Import favorites from browser (


It will list down the browsers that you have installed in your system. Till now I have explored that, it lists both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Check if it lists Firefox and other browsers too. Select the desired browser(s), from which you want to import the favorite websites list and click “Import”.


Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge - Settings - Import Favorites (


This will start importing all the lists in your new browser. If it fails for any reason, you have to manually import the links. Try out other settings that present in Microsoft Edge.


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