How to manage disk usage with Storage Sense in #Windows 10?

Storage Sense is one of the great feature Microsoft has brought to Windows 10 . The feature analyses the files on your hard drive and tells ... - Article authored by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Storage Sense is one of the great feature Microsoft has brought to Windows 10. The feature analyses the files on your hard drive and tells you how much space is actually occupied by different types of content. It also suggests you to locate and clean up unused files/contents.


In this blog post, we will discuss about Storage Sense in Windows 10. This will help you to keep track of and manage the files on your drive. Continue reading to know more about this feature.



Along with the other posts that I have written on Windows 10 Tips & Tricks series, this post will help you to know the features available in Windows 10. Like the Windows mobile platform, Microsoft brought this feature to help you to easily manage your disk storage. It provides you detailed information on that.


It analyses the files on your hard drive, tells you how much space is occupied by different types of file/content and suggests ways by which you can locate and clean up those files/unused contents. For systems with more than one drive, Storage Sense gives you a detailed storage breakdown for each drive including external USB devices attached with the system.


To navigate to the Storage Sense, open up the Settings panel (keyboard shortcut: Win +i) from the start and click on the System settings menu item as shown in the below screenshot:


System Settings in Windows 10 (


From the left side panel, select “Storage” which will fetch details about your system and list down all the drives attached with your PC. If you want to see further details about each drive, click the specific drive that you want to visit.


Windows 10 Storage Settings (


For each drive, storage details will be different and that will list all the information with various color combination as shown in the below screenshots. This might take time for the system to fetch the details. Please keep patience to populate everything.


Windows 10 Storage Usage 1 ( 10 Storage Usage 2 (


You can also drill down more in depth and find out what is actually eating up more space. Below are two screenshots that shows you detailed information about “System and Reserved”, “Apps and Games”.


“System and Reserved” actually details information about system files, virtual memory etc. whereas “Apps and Games” details about the apps and features installed in that system. You can cleanup any specific app, game or feature from this screen. Other storage category like documents, pictures, videos, mail will give you a little different screen based on the available information fetched by the system.


Windows 10 Storage Usage Detail 1 ( 10 Storage Usage Detail 2 (


The Storage Sense feature in Windows 10 also provides you details about saving locations of your apps, documents, music, pictures and videos. You can configure the default saving locations of each of those categories.


Windows 10 Storage Location (


I hope the information provided here gave you a brief idea about the Storage Sense feature available in Windows 10. If you are facing issues with storage after upgrading to Windows 10, then you can read this post “How to recover ~20 GB Free space after upgrading to Windows 10?” to gain approx. 20 GB free space from your system drive.


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