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Microsoft #Office 2016 is now available

The giant company made the announcement. 22nd September, the date was already set for this released and as expected the latest version of th... - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

The giant company made the announcement. 22nd September, the date was already set for this released and as expected the latest version of the company’s Office suite is now available. If you are using Office 2013, you will see a bunch of new features in this version focusing more on team collaboration.


Along with Office 2016 for Windows, Microsoft also released Office 2016 for Mac. Find out more links and videos attached in this blog post and know “why you should upgrade to Office 2016“.



Office 2016 is more focused towards team collaboration and to improve productivity. When you are working in a workplace, it’s the key factor to get all the things done quickly e.g. editing of a word document, reviewing etc. Like Google docs in web, Microsoft now allows you to edit a document on cloud with collaboration with your team side-by-side.


Skype for Business (earlier Lync) now allow you to chat, screen share, talk or video chat right in your documents. Stay connected with the Office 365 groups. Plan your work, assign tasks, update task status, view the visual dashboard of the progress… all using the Office 365 Planner.


Microsoft Office 2016 - Team collaboration made easy


More power now within Excel app. Save time by achieving complex works quickly. Excel 2016 also includes integrated publishing to Power BI and new modern chart-types. Outlook 2016 now has a smarter inbox with fast search, priority mail sets and more. It also allows you to send attachments as cloud links rather than the entire file. Sending an attachment will automatically give the option to edit it to the person in the "To" box. Anybody who is in “CC”, can only view the document.


Tell Me feature available in all office product helps you to easily and quickly find the right Office feature or command. The cloud-powered most recently used documents list allows you to pick up right where you left off in seconds.


Microsoft Office 2016 - Powerful and easy Excel interface


Office 2016 is more integrated with Windows 10. Cortana support, Windows Hello… all these works great with this product. The new Windows 10 app named Sway can also be used to make "interactive stories" from your documents. A sidebar will appear which will give you a report on the word's usage and extra information about the subject in the document.


There are plenty new features including new Office themes to make sure the apps look best on various screen resolution and to your own personal tastes. Do try it out and let us know, how you feel about it. Read more about all new features and the announcement from Microsoft Office blog:


Why you should upgrade to Office 2016?


    • Are you ready to purchase? Buy Office 365 to get the new 2016 apps.
    • Are you an existing Office 365 customer who is ready to upgrade? Go here for instructions on how to upgrade to Office 2016 for home, or here for business customers.
    • Do you want to learn more? Go to


Source: The new Office is here (Image Credit: Microsoft)


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