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If you are using Windows 10 in Laptop or Tablet PCs, you might notice that it drains battery little bit quicker. This is not due to the OS, but for the apps running in the background. In Windows 10, you can easily turn OFF the background apps and when needed, you can turn them back to ON state.


Today in this blog post, we will discuss how to turn ON or OFF the background apps with proper screenshots. Continue reading to learn more about the feature.



If you are using Windows 10, you might want to disable or turn OFF the background apps to conserve more battery power. But do remember that, disabling these apps from the background will disable the background sync, push notifications, live tile notifications and few other features that runs in the background.


If you still want to disable them in Windows 10 to conserve more battery, open the settings app from the start (keyboard shortcut: “Win + i”. Once the settings window opens, click the item “Privacy” as shown below:


Windows 10 Settings (


From the Privacy settings page, scroll down the left navigation panel and you will find an entry labeled “Background apps” there. Click on it to open the background settings panel at the right side of the screen.


In this screen, you will be able to enable or disable the background apps. When background apps are enabled, you will receive app infos, notifications etc. but once you disable individual apps you will stop receiving them until you turn back ON. The following page lists all the apps which can run in the background.


Windows 10 Settings - Privacy - Background apps (


Turn OFF the background apps which you want to stop running in the background. You can again turn them ON when require. The lists available in this screen might be different in your case depending on the apps installed in the system and depending on the apps able to run in the background.


Windows 10 - How to turn ON or OFF background apps (


Now once you turn the apps OFF to run in the background, you will see an improvement in the battery power. Most of the cases, it reduces the draining of battery as unnecessary apps are turned off from running in the background.


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