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“Find my Device” – not a new thing on Windows Platform. It was already there in Windows Phone and now the giant company thought to include in Windows 10. If you are using any prior build of Windows 10 build 10565, you would not get this as it has been  recently added to build 10565 for Windows Insiders.


In this post, we are going to discuss on this new feature. Please note that, it’s still under development stage and introduced in latest build just to showcase what’s coming next.


How to activate “Find my Device” service in #Windows 10? (


Windows 10 build 10565 for Windows Insiders introduced “Find my Device” service for PCs, when activated, Windows will periodically save your device location to Microsoft server. When enabled, if you loose your device, you can find it’s last saved location at:


To enable the “Find my Device” settings/service, open the Windows Settings from the Start or press the keyboard shortcut combination “Win + i”. When opened, click the “Update & security” icon as shown below:


Windows 10 - Settings (


From the left navigation pane, click the “Find My Device” as shown in the below screenshot and then click “Save my device’s location periodically” button.


Windows 10 - Settings - Update and Security (


This will open a popup with a toggle button to make the service enabled or disabled. When enabled, it might require additional battery power to run in the background to periodically update the server with new location.


Windows 10 - Settings - Update and Security - Find my Device (


This is currently in development stage and introduced in insiders build to showcase what’s coming next. Please note that, in final release of the update this might change.


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