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The giant company brought a set of new features in Windows 10 November update. It’s the first big update after Windows 10 gone RTM. Along with other features and enhancements, it brought Start Screen/Menu enhancements. This includes more tiles and occasionally showing suggestions.


Today in this small blog post, we will discuss about these enhancements along with it’s settings to enable/disable the same. Continue reading to know more about it.


Start Screen enhancements in Windows 10 November update (


The Windows 10 November Update features two new enhancements to the Start. One is to allow you to show more tiles in the Start and another is to show suggestions of apps occasionally in Start.


To turn them ON/OFF, you have to navigate to the Personalization settings page. Open the settings app and click the “Personalization” as shown in the below screenshot.


Windows 10 - Settings - Personalization (


In the personalization page, click on “Start” navigation item available in the left pane. This will open the respective settings page. Scroll it down and you will see few toggle button on that. One of them is “Show more tiles”, when ON will allow you to add more tiles in the start  by providing additional tiles holding column in each group. Another option that you find is the “Occasionally show suggestions in Start”, when enabled will put suggested apps occasionally from the store.


Windows 10 - Start Screen Personalization (


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