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Last Sunday (29th May 2016), we have organized an event in Kolkata, clubbed with topics on different technologies. This includes topics like C# 7.0 Concepts, Azure PowerShell, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), HoloLens with Unity 3D and IoT (Internet of Things).


I have given a session on building UWP apps using C# and XAML. Here I am sharing my slides for you to refer. Those who missed to join the event, check it out.




Here’s the slide from my session on “Building Universal Windows Apps (UWP) using C# and XAML”, which covered the following topics:

        • Introduction to UWP Apps
          • What is a UWP app?
          • Effective pixels and scaling in UWP apps
          • How the scaling system works?
          • Design Principle of UWP apps
        • UWP Controls and Styles
        • Responsive Design Techniques
        • Demo: Start building UWP Apps



Thanks to all the attendees, whoever made their time available in the event and joined me in the interactive session on UWP app development. Stay tuned with us for the next event that we are going to schedule on the 3rd week of June.



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