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Windows provides a Wi-Fi security page, from where you can view the connected Wi-Fi connection’s password or network key. By default, the key remains hidden but you can view it anytime. There might be some reason when you want to retrieve or view the password.


Today in this blog post, we will learn how to retrieve it. For this to work, you must connected to that network at least once. Continue reading to know more.


How to view the connected Wi-Fi password on Windows? (


When you connect to a corporate network over Wi-Fi channel, generally the IT/Network guy never share the password with you and they manually connect your device. They think that the password is secure, but in Windows, it never stays securely. You can retrieve it always.


To view the Wi-Fi password, open the Network and Sharing Center from the taskbar by right clicking on the network icon, as shown in the below screenshot:


Open network and sharing center from the Taskbar (


Now from the network and sharing center, open the Wi-Fi connection by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can type “ncpa.cpl” on Windows run dialog and hit enter.


Network and sharing center (

This will open the “Wi-Fi Status” dialog on screen, where it shows the status of the active connection. In the same screen, you will find a button labeled Wireless Properties. Click on that button to open the wireless network properties of that connection.


In the Wireless Network Properties dialog of the connection, click the “Security” tab which lists the security type, encryption type and the network security key or the password. By default the key/password is hidden as asterisk, but you can view that by clicking on the “Show characters” checkbox as shown in the below screenshots:


Open wireless properties from the network and sharing screen ( Wi-Fi security settings to show the network key (


Hope that the post was useful and will help you to view/retrieve the connected Wi-Fi password/network key. Check out my other blog posts on Windows 10 Tips & Tricks series. Thanks for visiting my blog. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog’s RSS feed and Email Newsletter to get the updates on new posts. We won’t spam you, for sure.


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