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Microsoft released a new update on 23rd May for it’s entire set of Office 365 client applications, incrementing the version to 16.0.6868.2067. It’s the third update that they pushed in this month (May 2016) and contains all non-security updates.


Checkout this post to know about all the fixes they pushed in this build, though the folder pane visibility issue is still untouched.


Office 365 May Update - Latest Version: 16.0.6868.2067 (


Office 365 version 16.0.6868.2062, which was released on 10th May, consists of security updates targeting Microsoft Word and Office Suite. The Office 365 client update version: 16.0.6868.2067, released on 23rd May, includes the following non-security updates:

  • Office Suite:
    • Fix an issue in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint where setting the pen thickness for inking causes the app to crash.
    • Fix an issue where the Document Recovery task pane doesn't appear the next time you open the Office app after it has crashed, especially if you re-open the app right after it crashed.
    • Update OfficeC2RClient.exe to use "channel" instead of "branch" as a command-line option.

  • Microsoft Word:
    • Fix an issue where if you perform an undo action after moving a SmartArt graphic by dragging, Word crashes or the SmartArt graphic becomes blank and can't be selected.

  • Microsoft Outlook:
    • Fix an issue where the link to view older mail messages on the server doesn't appear at the bottom of the list of messages in the folder, such as the Inbox or Deleted Items folder.
    • Fix an issue where Outlook doesn't send the message content when sending mail using a .msg file.
    • Update the Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe) so that it can detect and correct file corruption issues related to how .pst files are indexed and searched. This type of corruption can prevent .pst files from loading, cause Outlook to crash, or cause high CPU utilization.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint:
    • Fix an issue where if PowerPoint has restarted after a crash and you're using the Document Recovery task pane, you get an error message when you try to save the recovered file or open the original file.
    • Fix an issue where PowerPoint crashes when trying to save a recovery file that was created from a previous PowerPoint crash.
    • Fix an issue where if you have a presentation that includes a table, and then save the presentation as a PDF, PowerPoint crashes.
    • Fix an issue where numbers and spaces are lost when saving a presentation in .rtf format or copying text into a rich-text editor, such as WordPad.

If you didn’t yet receive the update 16.0.6868.2067, check for office updates from File –> Account -> Update Option -> Update Now.


To know What's new in Office 365 web version in May updates, checkout this page: New to Office 365 in May—updates to Skype for Business, Outlook, SharePoint and more.


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