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Microsoft released a new update (Build 16.0.6965.2058) for Office 365 client aka. Office 2016 (Version 1605) on 14th June 2016. This includes one security fix and seven non-security related fixes. If you are using Office 2016, check for updates.


This post will cover the list of fixes part of this Microsoft Tuesday patch. Continue reading to further know about the changes.


Office 365 June Update - New build version 16.0.6965.2058 available (


For the last build released in June, checkout this post: Office 365 June Update - Latest Version: 16.0.6965.2053


Non-security updates:

  • Fix an issue when inking where random strokes are selected and can't be unselected.
  • Improve the detection of possible impending PST corruption and add steps to try to prevent the corruption from happening.
  • Fix an issue where the user gets an error message that the document can't be updated when the user is doing real-time co-authoring in a presentation that contains a content add-in.
  • Fix an issue where Skype crashes for some users in large meetings, such as meetings with more than 30 participants.
  • Fix an issue on computers with Malwarebytes software installed where Skype hangs when the user attempts to initiate audio or visual scenarios, such as desktop sharing or joining the audio portion of a meeting.
  • Fix an issue where the user receives an error message when attempting to use conferencing features, such as a whiteboard or sharing notes.
  • Fix an issue where Word crashes if the user chooses the "Keep Source Formatting" option when pasting a SmartArt graphic.


Security updates:

  • Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-070: Security Update for Microsoft Office (3163610). This applies to Visio, Word and Office Suite.

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