Microsoft released a new update (version: 16.0.6965.2053) for Office 365 client applications. This includes some new features with some non-security fixes. If you are using Office 365 client or Office 2016, check for office updates.


This post will cover the new changes and the list of fixes bundled with this build. Continue reading to know about it further.


Office 365 June Update - Latest Version: 16.0.6965.2053 (


The update (Version: 16.0.6868.2067) released on 23rd May for Office 365 clients consists of all security patches. The new update for Office 2016 (Version:16.0.6965.2053) that released on 6th June 2016, contains nine improved features for Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Skype for Business, Visio and Word. It also contains five non-security fixes for Excel and Office suite as listed below.


Feature Updates:

  • Excel now contains improved data transformation and data connectivity features for Power Query.
  • Outlook will now have a simplified UI experience for setting up additional Outlook profiles for Office 365 mailboxes. This will not be available for all users at this moment but will be rolled out in a phase. Microsoft mentioned that, people working in a same organization may get this feature update at different time.
    Now multiple users will be able to edit different elements in a PowerPoint SmartArt graphic at the same time.
  • Offline messaging comes to Skype for business. People can now send messages to the recipient even though they are not signed-in.
  • You can now preload attachments for a Skype for Business meeting when you set up your online meeting in Outlook. You can also attach a file that is in the cloud, such as in OneDrive for Business. However, the file won't be loaded from the cloud location until the meeting starts.
  • You will be allowed to import AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013 files as well as overlay shapes, text and data graphics in Visio.
  • If you want Visio’s drawing scale to match the drawing scale of an imported AutoCAD drawing, you can now do so.
  • In Visio, you will now be able to import AutoCAD files faster when working with shapes on top of an AutoCAD drawing.
  • In MS Word, buttons appear in the Comment balloon to allow you to easily reply resolve or reopen a comment.

Non-security updates:

  • Fix a caching issue that caused some Office 2013 licensing and program installation information to be deleted prior to a Microsoft-initiated upgrade from the Office 2013 version of an Office 365 client.
  • Fix an issue where data validation drop-down lists get corrupted and duplicate themselves in Excel workbooks with multiple worksheets.
  • Fix an issue where file associations are lost for Excel when uninstalling an earlier version of Office from the computer.
  • Fix an issue where Excel occasionally leaves behind a temporary file after the file is saved.
  • Fix an issue where calling a method or property on a deleted worksheet causes Excel to crash instead of showing an error that the object couldn't be found on that worksheet.

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