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Sometime we work on a Visual Studio solution file that has a huge nos. of projects and folders. Keeping all of them in the Solution Explorer, makes it difficult to manage. Visual Studio provides a way to make it simpler and cleaner.


Though it is available since Visual Studio 2012, but if you are not aware of this feature, let's discuss on this. Continue reading the post to learn about it.


How to scope to a project or folder inside Visual Studio? (


Visual Studio 2012 and above has a nice in-built feature called "Scope to this". Using this feature you will be able to remove all cluttered projects from your solution and work in a clean view. This will not actually remove the folders/projects from your solution but will give you a virtual box focused to particular projects/folders that you need.


If you want to scope your view to a particular project, right click on that project and click "Scope to this". If you are working on a set of projects clubbed into a folder, right click on that folder and click "Scope to this". Based on your selection, solution explorer will set the proper view for you. Please refer this animated image:



How to scope to a project or folder inside Visual Studio? (


In case you want to reset it to normal view, with all the projects and folders, click the "Home" or the "Back" button available at the top navigation panel of your solution explorer. I hope that the post was helpful and would result a minimized view of your solution with a complete focus on what you need.


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