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Microsoft officially announced the release date of Windows 10 anniversary update. It’s going to be release on 2nd August 2016 and going to be the major update on Windows 10 platform with lot many new features, enhancements and fixes.


Over 350 million devices are currently running Windows 10 and will get this big update for free. Rest of the people either need to upgrade to it before 29th July or need to pay after that offer period ends.


Windows 10 Anniversary Update Release Date (


If you are a Windows Insider, you might have already experiencing all the new features & enhancements which are going to come with the anniversary update of Windows 10. Rest of you will get this big update on 2nd August onwards. Microsoft announced this in a blog post today.


Microsoft also announced that, the devices where Windows 10 is currently running will get this update for free. Those who still using the older version of Windows should first upgrade to Windows 10 before 29th July in order to get this for free. If the offer period ends and you don’t upgrade within that time, you have to purchase it in future.


350 million plus devices are currently running this new operating system and if you are not one of them, this is your last chance to upgrade for free. So, hurry!!


Don’t forget to checkout Windows 10 Tips & Tricks series to find out what’s coming with this new update. You will definitely don’t want to miss that.



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