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If you are a web developer, many time you need to view the source code of a web page and/or use the inspect element feature of a browser to find out a specific code section. If you are using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, you will not find these options by default.


To enable these features, you need to set some parameters to Microsoft Edge browser. Today we will learn how to do the changes in this blog post.


How to bring back the View Source and Inspect Element in Microsoft Edge (


Every browser has the option to see the source code of a web page, but that is not require for normal users other than the developers. Hence, the "View Source" and "Inspect Element" features are by default turned off in Microsoft Edge. As a developer, you can enable these by following the below mentioned steps:


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Open Microsoft Edge and in the address bar, enter about:flags. This will open the additional configuration settings of the browser. In this page, there is a section "Developer settings" where you will find a checkbox labeled "Show "View source" and "Inspect element" in the context menu". This option is by default unchecked. When unchecked, you will not see the said two entries when you right click on a web page. Refer the below screenshot:


Uncheck to hide View Source and Inspect Element in the Microsoft Edge context menu (


To enable the settings, just check the checkbox to show the "View Source" and "Inspect Element" items in the context menu. Now when you right click on the browser page, you can find the entries. Refer in the below screenshot for details:


Check to show View Source and Inspect Element in the Microsoft Edge context menu (


Was the post useful? Let me know, if you have any issues accessing the configuration page and enabling the said context menu entries. Don't forget to re-share this info with others.



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