Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been already released on 2nd August 2016, as expected. You can either download it using Media Creation Tool, from MSDN subscription page or from the Windows Update settings page based on availability for your system and region.


In case you didn't get the update via Windows Update, you can force your system to receive this update. In this post, we are going to see the process.


How to force download Windows 10 Anniversary Update? (


Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version: 1607) brings a lot of new improvements and fixes. If you have already installed Windows 10 and eagerly waiting to receive the major Anniversary Update, you can check it from the Settings app -> Update & security -> Windows Update. Hit "Check for updates" button to continue checking the available updates and install it.


Windows 10 Update page (


In case this results you "No available updates", it means that, it is still not available for you at this moment. But you will momentarily get the notification in coming days. If you cannot hold for another few days, you can easily grab that by download the ISO using the Media Creation Tool and manually start the installation process which is basically for advance users.


Alternatively, you can force the system to receive the updates using the Windows 10 Update Assistant (click the link to download it from Microsoft servers). Once downloaded, run the executable and follow the below steps by step process (guided by the wizard), check whether your device is compatible to receive it and then proceed with the upgradation process.


The first screen will show you the OS version that you are currently running on your system and the latest version that is available on server (i.e. 14393). Click on "Update Now" to proceed with it, "Do not update now" in case you are not ready to update at this moment. Make sure you saved your work before proceeding with the update.


1. Update to the latest version of Windows 10 (


The next screen will check for device compatibility and to let you know whether your device is eligible to receive this update.


2. Checking device compatibility (


If your device is compatible, it will show the report on screen as shown below. Click on "Next" to proceed. This screen has a timer of few seconds. If you don't respond within that time, it will automatically resume to the next screen.


3. Congratulations - this PC is compatible (


The next screen will start the downloading the Windows 10 Anniversary Update bits. This will take a while based on your internet bandwidth. You can keep working, minimizing this screen to keep the download process in the background. Once the files get downloaded, it will ask you when to start the update. Make sure to keep saving your work to prevent any data loss.


4. Getting your update ready (


Once the download completes, it will start installing the updates. You can still keep this running in the background when you are working on the computer.


5. Updating Windows 10 (


After the preliminary installation completes, it will ask you to restart your system to complete the update. Save your current work before restarting your system. If you are in between something and cannot restart now, click "Restart later". The wizard will automatically restart your system when you are not using it.


The window has a timer to restart and start applying the updates. Act before it reaches to zero seconds. Click "Restart now" to proceed with the installation. It will take around 90 minutes or so, based on your system configuration. Make sure to plug in the system to a power supply during the upgrade.


6. Your update is ready - Your PC needs to restart to complete the update (


Once the update completes (may restart your system couple of times), you are good to go enjoying the most stable update bits and the new set of features/enhancements in Windows 10. In case you face any issues or have any suggestions, report it to Microsoft using the feedback app.



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