Microsoft released another patch for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, pushing the IDE release version no. to: 14.0.25425.01. This is the fourth cumulative update for VS2015 Update 3 covering fixes for high-impact bugs noticed by product team and the community.


If you are using Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, you should download this patch and install in your development environment to have a smooth IDE experience.


Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 Patch (KB3165756, 14.0.25425.01)


These fixes part of the patch "KB3165756" dated. 2nd August 2016 for Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 addresses high priority bugs that were either found by the product team or reported by the community. As this is a cumulative patch build, it will automatically install the previous patches in case you don’t have those installed.


You can find all latest builds here:


After installing this update, the version no. of Visual Studio 2015 will increase to 14.0.25425.01. Though it is not mandatory, but it would be good if you install this patch as it addresses many fixes related to memory leaks, crash and other priority issues.


You can download this update either from Microsoft Download Center or directly from Visual Studio 2015 by following this path: "Tools -> Extensions and Updates -> Updates -> Product Updates".


This patch includes fixes for the following issues:

    1. An ICE when you allocate an array of a __declspec(dllimport) class type with a default constructor with default arguments has been resolved.
    2. When targeting .NET Framework 4.6, ASP.NET Core or UWP 10.0, the Portable Class Library tooling that is used to generate a project.json that used the "dotnet" TFM. The "dotnet" TFM has been obsoleted and may no longer be supported by NuGet packages. To avoid this issue in the future, the PCL tooling has been changed to always target .NET Standard, when selecting specific target platforms.
    3. Potential mis-compilation of code calling functions similar to std::min/std::max on floating point values.
    4. You may experience Visual Studio crashes when you debug applications from Visual Studio on the Anniversary Update of Windows. To workaround the issue, update Visual Studio with the Anniversary Update of Windows SDK and tools. If that is not possible for you, go to “Options –> Debugging –> General –> Enable UI Debugging Tools for XAML” and uncheck the checkbox.
    5. Improved debugging reliability when debugging Visual C++ or CLI code.
    6. When you debug JavaScript eval code, if there are eval codes with source map following eval code without source map, debugger crashes when stepping into eval code without source map.
    7. After you revert MFC binary compatibility issues for runtime DLLs in Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, KB3165756 failed to include MFC static libraries matching the reverted code. This update includes MFC static libraries that were missed in that previous update.
    8. Fixed implicit (group based) permission handling when you use an AAD account during packaging.
    9. Authored the resource dll. Now customer can load the Test Explorer Window with localized strings.


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